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Pittsburguese for "you guys." It actually doesn't combine any words together. It's not two words combined with letters taken out, which is common for Pittsburguese. It's just a made up word that stands for "you guys."
Jamie asked his companions, "Where are yinz goin'."
by Patrick Judge October 28, 2004
1. A language used in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburguese contains made up words such as jagger bush, jimmies, gumband, and pop.
2. An accent that Pittsburghers posses. Certain letters in Pittsburguese are not pronounced, such as Souside, instead of South Side.
1. Jordan didn't understand Patrick because he spoke Pittsburguese.
2. "We're goin' to Souside to get some Stillers stuff for the game."
by Patrick Judge October 28, 2004
Pittsburguese for a bush with thorns on it.
Gordon was badly injured when he fell into a jagger bush.
by Patrick Judge October 28, 2004
Pittsburguese for rubber bands.
The man at the store put a gumband on the customer's newly purchased poster.
by Patrick Judge October 28, 2004
Originated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylania. A common name for soda used in a language commonly referred to as Pittsburguese.
Auswald: Hey, can you pass me a can of pop?
Jordan: I am from New Jersey. What the hell is pop?
Auswald: Oh, my bad, you don't know Pittsburguese. Pop is soda.
by Patrick Judge October 28, 2004
pittsburguese for South Side of Pittsburgh. It's South and Side combined with the "th" not present.
Tom said to his curious children, "The strip in on the Souside."
by Patrick Judge October 28, 2004
Hannah sent Father Patrick a funny picture via an instant messaging device. Father laughed and then typed lshismfp or laughing so hard i shit my fucking pants.
by Patrick Judge October 27, 2004

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