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Pittsburghese for Steelers, as in the NFL football team
Yinz goin daan to the Stillers game at Heinz Field?
by Red April 14, 2003
Pittsburgh Steelers- hence Stillers
How about em Stillers!
by Lylin November 04, 2007
a noun for a person who just cannot decide what to do in his/her life; a person who always thinks about everything but can't get things done; a man with no apparent progress in what he wants to achieve; always in the status of 'still', still thinking, still raging, still in progress, etc
A: Man, he's a stiller. He has all the skills and ability to be successful but he just doesn't know what he wants and where he's going!
B: Yeah. What a shame...
by botm April 21, 2013
Chrome car rims that appear not to move, even while the car is in motion. The exact opposite of spinners.
Check out those sick stillers I mounted on my beamer! They be lookin tizight!
by Thurndurn November 10, 2013
nickname that is proof that pittsburgh people are white trash
why can't pittsburgh fans spell correctly? I thought their team was called the "steelers" not the "stillers" and represented by three femininely colored gemstones.
by edgar.ap February 06, 2009