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Slang for jail, prison,
I almost took a trip down to pokey town last night!
by Patrick Bateman September 08, 2004
noun; a large protruding gut on a man.
"Look at the boiler on that guy, it's huge"
by patrick bateman November 28, 2004
A male cock-handler
by Patrick Bateman March 25, 2003
to masturbate.
I was flicking my dog like it was going out of fashion yesterday, Billy Bob. Yes, siree.
by Patrick Bateman June 17, 2003
The ph0xx is my roomate
The ph0xx lives in my house.
by patrick bateman November 28, 2004
Single or available male, opposite of fanjita
The club was full of majita and fanjita
by Patrick Bateman June 03, 2003
1) A batty boy from Birmingham who loves man cock.
2) Shit stabbing, donkey raping, dick riding whore
battyboybrook! get your cock outta that donkey!
by Patrick Bateman March 25, 2003

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