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The total awesomeness of a single male in a large group of people. To become a "man cock" you must do something totally freaking awesome, and have it recognized by the group of peers. Once given the "man cock" status one can only give it away, it can not be taken. The "man cock" can give full rights to the title of "man cock" or just a temporary pass to the "man cock" title. One is "man cock" until he gives it away to the future "man cock".
Jeff you are the Man Cock!
by Man Cock November 24, 2006
The tastiest portion of the male anatomy.
I love the Man Cock!
by Mike Doyle April 06, 2003
The penis of a man (not a transgendered individual) that is desired by straight females after a night of drinking.
Liz likes big mancock!
by mancocklover March 23, 2009

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