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lots of extra bodyfat that men create when they don't exercise and eat right. the opposite of a girl's boobs.
ahhh those man boobs are really hairy.
by Patrick Dron October 27, 2004
a very hot milf in the show pokemon could marry the old fat bastard prof. oak I don't think she should deal wit his wrinkly ballz. she is so hot keeps her body in awesome shape. is probley in her mid to late 30's or early 40's looks like a 20 yr old again. damn she is hot I mean she raised a dumbbass for a son but oh well wish I could fuck her or have blow me. hotter then misty anywayz.
hi deliah (ms.ketchum you are looking beatiful then ever. can I come inside for some lemonade (and something else wink wink)
by Patrick Dron November 30, 2003
a funny show on cartoon network bout 3 boys from canada scaming all the neighborhood kids for money for their beloved jawbreakers.
Ed's y'all rock man.
by Patrick Dron December 05, 2003
A hot and sexy demon that is crazy about a certain boy that she lives with and loves him dearly and would do anything for him and give her life for him and is crazy for sex.
Yo Ryoko calm down baby we just scored 5 minutes ago.
by Patrick Dron May 11, 2003
a very sex craved woman who got married to al bundy a highschool football star turned shoesales man he and peggy got married and they had 2 kids and have a crazy family that act like it's home sweet hell. and she begs al for sex almost everynight.
peggy:AL!!! let's have sex!
AL:Thar She blows!
by Patrick Dron December 01, 2003
a fucked up show about a boy crazy 15 year old girl who likes a guy that even though he may be like cute to lizzie he's a fuckin moron on crack.
lizzie why do you even like ethan craft the dude is a crack head for real he acts like a faggot.
by Patrick Dron December 02, 2003
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