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a level 70 charzard owner not to mention one of the best known pokemon trainers on this side of the planet. well known in japan for his pokemon master skills and hardcore card fighting abilities. does nothing all day while mentioning and mubling about killing and slitting peoples throats all with a toxic avenger clean up attitude. Grrr Arg ... marrrr
man ketchum went toxic avenger on duty section 2 clean up today. gotta ketchum all!!!
by no paper towels man1 May 04, 2010
A city in Idaho where author Ernest Hemingway lived and committed suicide. Ben Lee, an awesome Australian artist, wrote a song called "Ketchum" on his album "Something to Remember Me By" which is based off of Hemingway's suicide.
Hemingway, an American author of the Lost Generation, is buried in a cemetery in Ketchum, Idaho.
by Velocilover January 16, 2010
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