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something already done
1: I donebeen told him 2: I donebeen did that
by Passion November 14, 2003
1) already 2) finished
1) i bindone did that. 2) thats bindone
by Passion November 29, 2003
a crack fiend that walks around the neighborhood allnight looking on the ground for rocks
1) man did you see that shark pacing up and down the street last night
by Passion November 29, 2003
innocent Not guilty
Kells does his thang... I say fuk them bitches Kelly do your thang. I seen all the types and I say those bitches knew what the hell they were doing and they knew how old you were rather you knew they age or not. They didn't look like they were younger then 18 and if they were where the hell were they parnets...Not giving a fuk about their kids. PS by the looks of things it wasn't their first time around the block....
by passion December 07, 2003
Constipated, when something like a shit won't come out of your ass. It is stuck ot unable to move.
Oh no, this shit won't come out of my ass!
by Passion March 13, 2005
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