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A disagreement or arguement, typically resulting in physical violence.
When she found out he'd been seeing another woman, him and his missus had a right old barney.
by partridge May 15, 2003
A game where you stand in front of someone with your eyes closed and you take your hand or another object and try and touch the other persons nipple without looking.
Mary's boyfriend asked to play a game of nipple golf and she said okay.
by Partridge May 09, 2006
A person (typically a man) with a particular sexual interest in women with large breasts.
Look at the pair on her - she's a jublomat's dream.
by partridge May 15, 2003
A woman who is of sexual interest to a Jublomat, i.e. has large breasts.
Woah mate get a load of the tits on her, she's jublomatic and no mistake.
by partridge May 15, 2003
Exclamation expressing extreme contentment with something or someone. Derived from the phrase 'top banana'.
We got tickets to the Bran Van concert - banana!
by partridge May 15, 2003
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