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To tell everyone goodbye and then not leave.
A. What are you still doing here. You said goodbye already twice.
B. I meant to leave, then stayed.
A. Nice partridge.
by cLF October 17, 2006
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An introverted bird who often perches alone atop his tree house. The pair of turtle doves across the way often call him a "loner," but in truth all he really wants to do is just sit at home and eat pears.
Randy: Dude, you stayed at home all weekend. You're such an introverted partridge.

Thomas: Truthfully, Randy. I find you kind of mean. I would much rather stay home, play Skyrim, and eat pears then hang out with you.
by The Modern Carpetbagger December 03, 2013
Verb; to repeatedly attempt to engage in sexual actions with someone, despite clear signs that the other party has no intentions of taking it further
A person who decides to try to give a girl 'the finger' after already having their advances rejected two minutes previously might be said to be 'doing a partridge' or 'partridging'
by NotPartridge September 16, 2013
a description for a large menicing animal.
"Oh crap look at that grizzly bear its massive!"

"Yeah its pretty partridge"
by Shit fuck willy cunt May 29, 2012
N].A building in which some of the trashiest people live.
Also known as Partridge Hall.

A] The activity of being trashy.
N]You're not trash, you don't want to live in Partridge.

A] She slept with how many guys in one night? That's so partridge of her.
by Kellyq94qt0q0 March 07, 2008
One of monkey like qualities engaged in miniature pool wrestling whereas the pool must be filled with jello or pudding products.
Kristen was such a partridge at her 21st birthday party, straight monkeyin.
by GatorBatman December 08, 2008
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