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31 definitions by Panthera Atrox

A name given for any crowded freeway or highway with high speed traffic that's often congested with numerous accidents.

Another name for Barfway.
The Garden State Pukeway had many way too accidents due to too many careless drivers in the past few days.
by Panthera Atrox January 24, 2011
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Results of someone or something getting fuckufied, or ruined over the worst possible way.
Bad politics fuckafied the people's rights.

The negative results was the fukufication of that country.
by Panthera Atrox January 23, 2011
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a term comforming to any law, doctrine, language, beliefs or practices that would be contrary to the Bible shouldn't be allowed.

Also Biblical Correctiveness.
Biblical correctness is just another say for "think & believe as I do"?!
by Panthera Atrox January 30, 2011
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; created item/s, which are not fit to be defined as ART.

A visual eyesore. Ugly, poorly designed/rendered items.

Garbage, crap.
Saw the new art exhibit, ever saw such art abuse in my life!
by Panthera Atrox January 29, 2011
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;crippling case of stupidity, one that doesn't think things through nor cares to.

A mental case.
That guy must have Assheimers, he dropped out of medical school to raise pigeons.
by Panthera Atrox January 29, 2011
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A perverted deviant, an obnoxious lewd person which enjoys searching and engaging with porn online and is often seen stalking young unsuspecting kids in chat rooms.

The epitome of a pig.
She didn't realize she was talking with a pigophile untill she saw what he sent to her.
by Panthera Atrox January 25, 2011
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A serious medical condition of both brain and central nervous system which is sometimes caused by head trauma or drama.

Cause; Unknown but can be hereditary.

Symptoms; Subjects never seems to learn from their mistakes. Fucked up.
He was diagnosed with Fuckitis and went to a Fuckologist hoping for a cure.
by Panthera Atrox January 24, 2011
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