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Derived from "fuck all" meaning absolutely nothing, i.e. 'fuck-all-ogy'.

A pejorative combination used in or of academia, especially sociology studies. Exemplified by the creation or synthesizing of theory or methodological frameworks, e.g. citing pretentious complex language to explain simple social phenomena in order to seem legitimate. Not to be confused with the science of sex (of “fucking” as it were).

For example, a doctor of fuckology meaning "a doctorate in absolutely nothing of any value". The word later made its way into porn industry via the title by either a secondary meaning or misappropriation; 'Babyface and the Fuckologist'.

The word fuckology seems to have come about because of a sense of inadequacy in the arts and social sciences towards "real" sciences.
Notably used in the intro to The Sex Pistols 1977 version of Iggy Pop's No Fun.

"Here we go now, a sociology lecture, with a bit of psychology, a bit of neurology, a bit of fuck-all-ogy (fuckology), no fun ..."
by the other definitions are wrong February 22, 2008
The study and/or practice of fucking
I am taking Fuckology 101 this semester. Bitches.
by Colonel Pubes March 04, 2009
the study of fucking
What are you? An expert in fuckology?
by Rehnquist March 31, 2004
The study of all that is fuck. Often used as an excuse to call yourself a doctor.
I am a doctor of Fuckology
by Elephant Man January 16, 2004

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