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31 definitions by Panthera Atrox

The study of dusty old collectible/s. (junk)
A degree in Junkology can cover a wide range of subjects from studying and collecting antiques, records, sports memorabilia, and ahhh well, any kind of junk, clutter, garbage, litter, garbage, anyone can dream of.
by Panthera Atrox January 24, 2011
slang for the perverse fleecing of citizens for higher and more taxes, Pork-Barrel Pet Projects, and Excess Federal Spending so the 'bureaucratic monster/s" yielding rich benefits/moneys fattening their already bloated wallets/bank accounts.

The darker side of politics.
Politics is just high class Porknography.
by Panthera Atrox January 25, 2011
:one who produces porknography.
The country is now in a deeper deficit than ever thanks to the porknographer/s that are currently in office.
by Panthera Atrox January 25, 2011