31 definitions by Panthera Atrox

One who is a compulsive collector, shopper, and barbain hunter.

A home of a typical Junkoholic is loaded and packed with items from the floor to the ceiling.
by Panthera Atrox January 31, 2011
; high toll fees on various major roads, and bridges.
Our state is considering to privatize our major roads. Should that occur will the new owners jack up the toll fees to anything they want. OMG, that's toll rape!
by Panthera Atrox January 29, 2011
; any who is extremely addictive to cigarettes and can't seem to quit. One who smokes many packs of cigarettes a day.
Heard he smoked 14 packs a day, a real Menthol Case.
by Panthera Atrox January 29, 2011
; any driver who passes and flies in and out of traffic lanes without using direction signals.

An mental case behind the wheel.
That shifthead nearly caused an accident in two lanes!
by Panthera Atrox January 29, 2011
(a)The act of ruining or messing someone or things up in the worst possible way intentionally or unintentionally.

(2) Revenge in it's cruelest form.

Getting fucked over.
The new company tried to fuckufy it's employees by cutting out any future bonuses and pay increases.
by Panthera Atrox January 24, 2011
talking or discussing things in a unintelligent manner with a low confusing voice..
Can you repeat that again? I don't engage in discussions in affluent mumble.
by Panthera Atrox May 27, 2011
; an idiom used sarcastically concerning any individual who's rude or abusive towards others verbally or physically.
Now that was so wrong. Guess it's just another way of making new friends?
by Panthera Atrox February 01, 2011

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