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Canadian version of farm.
Yo yo when I ferm
The weather is a factor!
Pull down mah pants
and plow my tractor!
by Pankakke July 28, 2006
1. An ancient American ritual where a party of 8 or more men ejaculate on a pancake. This is sometimes done if the pancake has commited a crime or disrespected the elders in any way, but mostly it's done for entertainment at bachelor parties.

2. The finished product of the act of pankakke.

See Bukkake
WTF!? This tastes like pankakke!
by Pankakke August 03, 2006
1. Word used in the place of "penis". Usually, to be funny or sarcastic.
A: Hey, how was that new Final Destination movie?
by Pankakke July 28, 2006
Acronym: I Always Wack Teh Penir
A: How often do you fap?
by Pankakke July 28, 2006
Common abbreviation for the word fighter.
I am teh ultimaet fgt!!!1
by Pankakke July 20, 2006
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