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Short for fermaphrodite. A gender which is hermaphrodite (a being with dual sex organs.) A ferm a functioning female sex organ, while the male does not. Very rarely do both work, and very rarely do neither work. The opposite of a ferm is a merm
She was born a fermaphrodite, but never told any of his friends.
by Umbepo July 14, 2005
Canadian version of farm.
Yo yo when I ferm
The weather is a factor!
Pull down mah pants
and plow my tractor!
by Pankakke July 28, 2006
When a guy ejaculates and passes gas at the same time.

Combination of fart and sperm.
After eating Mexican food, this girl and I got hot and heavy, and I fermed.

I wait at least 30 minutes after eating dinner so that I won't ferm.

by LB_otown April 04, 2008
the gender classification of transgender individuals with ambiguous sexual characteristics leaning more towards that of a female
Jamie Lee Curtis was born a FERM, but she had her penis removed and now she's married to Christopher Guest.
by Zach Block June 06, 2005
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