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19 definitions by PaleBlueYacht

aggressive online efforts, usually by mobs via social media, to harm the employment/career/livelihood of a person, esp. when said harm is motivated by ideology, outrage, or both.


see also: rulebombing, fire alarming
Amy: Did you see the insensitive rant that Joe posted on his blog?

Bob: Yeah. I've already sent it to HuffPo and Gawker. Hopefully we can post up where he works for everyone to see.

Amy: Woah, you're running a bluelisting campaign? I was just asking if you'd seen it. Jesus christ, Bob.
by PaleBlueYacht May 12, 2013
233 45
The temporary change in personality that occurs after being deeply involved with a movie, book, game, or some other work of fiction.

Can also be expanded to nonfiction ("documentary lag" or some other variant), but is less common because those works are typically experienced through the frame of the reader/player/watcher's default personality.
CHRIS: Don't think. Don't hesitate. Just say it.

ASHLEY: Why are you talking like that?

CHRIS: What?

ASHLEY: You sound like a movie trailer. Is this because you just finished watching Fight Club?

CHRIS: Uhh... yeah I guess I'm a little fiction lagged.
by PaleBlueYacht February 20, 2011
147 39
Misuse of a safety mechanism, like a fire alarm, danger hotlines or report buttons on a website, to censor speech without regard to the intent of the safety mechanism.

A type of rulebombing.


Fire alarming is a problem, because it:

(a) disrespects actual instances of dangerous events the mechanism is designed to prevent, and
(b) causes people who have to monitor uses of that safety mechanism to show skepticism to future uses of that safety mechanism, since the number of serious instances are diluted.
I posted a video critical of this girl's ideology on YouTube, but now all of her supporters are fire alarming me.
by PaleBlueYacht May 12, 2013
68 18
A kind of illegality that is laughed at, rather than taken seriously. alt spelling: illeglol
A: Isn't it illegal to honk like that?

B: Probably. More importantly, it's illeglawl.
by PaleBlueYacht May 12, 2013
10 12
A false belief of the self. If exposed, can lead to existential embarrassment.
Susan believed she had mastered writing due to the grades she earned in high school, but was wrought with existential embarrassment when her self-misconception was brought to light after receiving a C on her first college paper.
by PaleBlueYacht February 21, 2011
12 14
A lie or method of misleading where one symbolic clue is kept while all other details are omitted. Listeners will then reconstruct the story based on familiar associations with the symbolic detail.
misclue about suicide: "Last night, there were pills scattered on the floor." (Which I happened to knock over.)

misclue about danger: "I found a gun in my house last night that I didn't own." (It was a water gun.)

misclue about sickness: "Sorry I didn't come to work yesterday. I woke up vomiting." (From a hangover.)
by PaleBlueYacht May 13, 2013
10 13
A kind of illegality that is laughed at, rather than taken seriously.

alt spelling: illeglawl
A: Isn't it illegal to honk like that?

B: Probably. More importantly, it's illeglol.
by PaleBlueYacht May 12, 2013
10 13