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M-80s were invented by the military long ago to simulate grenade explosions during training missions. Soon they became extremely popular with the public, and were sold as large firecrackers. But the Child Protection Act of 1966 made M-80s and cherry bombs illegal to manufacture in the United State
I blew my finger off playing with an M-80.
by Paisa July 01, 2005
A cherry bomb is a dangerous firework and considered an illegal explosive device in the United States and most other countries. Cherry bombs are commonly round, approximately one inch (2.5 cm) in diameter, colored red with a green fuse sticking out.
I blew off my hand playing with a cherry-bomb.
by Paisa July 01, 2005
A very hated and notorious person that smuggles Mexicans into the United States of America. Pollero literally means chicken hearder for the way illegal immigrants, known as, " pollos ," walk behind them through the harsh border region like a big bag of chicken feed.
The pollero just abandoned the Mexicanos when he saw La Migra in the distance.
by Paisa July 01, 2005
A group of illegal immigrants that look like a heard of chickens walking across the border.
Hey holmes check out all those pollos standing in front of Home Depot.
by Paisa July 01, 2005
An Illegal Mexican immigrant. Usually uneducated and un-skilled called pollos or chickens in english because of the way they follow smugglers or polleros through the harsh dessert.
Paco looks like a pollo with those out of date clothes.
by Paisa July 01, 2005
Clavo is spanish for nail and is also a slang term used in describing a place where illegal residence are kept or hidden in the United States of America
All the pollos were taken to the clavo so La Migra won't know where they are.
by Paisa July 01, 2005
As of July 1, 2005, The My Space Website is the 4th mosted visited site on the Web with over 5 million users. It's a great place to meet people, share pictures, and have fun conversations.
Tijuanero's my space page is the funniest.
by Paisa July 01, 2005
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