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8 definitions by Pabski

Alternative name for a toilet, used predominantly in the UK alongside, "Loo" "Bog" "Bathroom" and "Shithouse".
Hmmmmm... nice shitter. Is that a bidet ?
by Pabski July 12, 2003
A word used in the south of England to refer to a single Policeman. 'Cozzers' would be the word for two or more policemen on patrol. Possible bastardisation of the word 'Copper'
Run mate, it's the Cozzers !

Bacon. Cozzers.
by Pabski July 18, 2003
A sock normally kept in the bedroom under ones bed, for the purpose of 'spunking' in to after having 'a wank'. A genuine spunksock can go unwashed for up to twelve months and hold up to four pints of jism. The original spunksock is a white sports sock with a red band and a green band around the top.
I've just put my spunk sock in the washing machine on a boilwash - it took me thirty minutes to unstick it from my bedroom carpet.
by Pabski July 14, 2003
A term used to describe the child of a single mother. So called because the child is constant reminder that another man's spunk has mooched your new woman.
"Hi John, are you still with Sarah ?"

"Nope, I broke it off as soon as I found out she's got a spunk moocher"
by Pabski July 12, 2003
To possess a state of mind unlike any other - sometimes unintelligible and often incomprehensible. There can only be one Skelly.
*dring!* Hey, Skelly's just signed in to Messenger using that daft nickname in case somebody recognises him. ;)
by Pabski July 14, 2003
Another word for a Policeman - see cozzer Used primarily in Middlesbrough, England - possible bastardisation of the words 'Copper' and Bobby
Wah wah Tripheads, I am the Bobblers.

That's deffo Senator behind, the Bobbler's are gonna mooch us - hide the drugs.
by Pabski July 18, 2003
An alternative word for a pussy.
Go on, get your rat out.


Jesus Christ ! Look at the fucking RAT on that !
by Pabski July 12, 2003