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4 definitions by PV

The sound produced by an erect penis slapping against a hot girl's body.
penis: pyah pyah pyah!
by pv June 19, 2006
A real sport that involves no frickin pansy ass pads like american football. Kick the habit, play rugby.
Joe went to play rugby to break his face in. His other friend Charles went to play american football and got a bruise.
by PV June 07, 2003
One who sucks the blood from a females genitals during the menstration period.
Woman:I have my period
PV :Sounds good (Sucks blood from pussy)
by PV March 18, 2005
rough Irish sport that involves a stick and ball. You beat the ball and other players with the stick. Fouls are rarely called, and much blood is shed on the field.
George went to play hurling so he could beat some guy with a wooden stick, and play a damn fine sport at the same time.
by PV July 10, 2003