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The sound produced by an erect penis slapping against a hot girl's body.
penis: pyah pyah pyah!
by pv June 19, 2006
Pyah means go fuck yourself. Usually said after someone makes a stupid remark or is said to someone just being a retard. Is said before walking away without giving a fuck.
Person 1: 1+1=3
Person 2: Actually it's 2, PYAH
by Mus1cR0ck5 May 22, 2013
To mutually agree on something
Person 1: Dude we should totally get a rad tattoo

Person 2: Pyah mother fucker
by You know me ;) May 12, 2013
Everything and nothing, IE: it is able to replace any word and is able to be interjected into any part of a sentence.
How are you Pyahing today?
by Dromenn85 November 12, 2013
A form of onomatopoeia that can relplace any musical note in a song.

For example, try playing the Star Wars opening theme in your head.... now try replacing all the notes with the sound "Pyah" with the proper tone and inflection. It pretty much works with every note. It can be used to replace any musical note in any song that you can think of.
*Star Wars theme begins*

Person 1: "Pyah pyah pyah pyah, pyaah, pyah pyah pyah pyaah, pyah pyah pyah pyah pyah, pyaah, pyah pyah pyah pyaaah"

Person 2: ...
by Pseudogenesis April 26, 2011

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