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4 definitions by PERMWORD34

When a man has healthy hands but they are week and slight almost feminine.This conditon is not caused by injury or birthdefect.
Steve tried to open the PVC cement but he could'nt do it with his bitch hands.
My father inlaw tried to intimidate me by squeezing my hand when we were introduced but I politley crushed his bitch hand.
by PERMWORD34 February 24, 2008
Any bottle that contains urine.Preferably with a lid, for multiple storage and disposal options.
Can be abbreviated as PB.
When someone is to drunk to make it to the bathroom they may use an empty bottle next to the bed to piss in.
When we were stuck in traffic Joe had to piss in his empty water bottle or he would have pissed himself.
Most pissbottles are clearly identifyable and cannot be mistaken for anything else.
by PERMWORD34 February 28, 2008
The use of tragedy or misfortune by someone to get some pussy.
After Joe cried on Dawns shoulder for an hour about his father only having six months to live.She kicked in the pitty pussy.
by PERMWORD34 February 24, 2008
When a womans vagina is so loose,beat up,and meaty that her pussy lips hang down forming a bulge in her pants that looks like a cock.
Jack was gonna take Jill to his house from the party but after seeing the size of the cocktwat through her pants,He couldn't do it,after all her bulge was bigger than his!

Did you see the size of that cocktwat?Yeah, it looked like she had a sock in her pants.
by PERMWORD34 February 29, 2008