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A person who has an anxiety disorder aimed towards promotional use such as flyers, commercials, and public announcements.
Rodney-Ahhh!!! No!!.... turn that commercial off!!!

Angel-Seriously, Mike turn it off he's a promophobe !!!

by P-Meizer April 17, 2010
The word is pronounced (o-shit) getting the idea from the word ocean. When something startles or surprises you, causing your eyes to widen and making your jaw drop.
Oceat! I just saw Who's Nailin Palin and she was gettin it cowgirl style, to badd McCain ain't get it like dat.
by P-Meizer December 27, 2009
To criticize someone because they're pretty.
Paul: "Damn dat girl pretty as hell".

Amy: "Oh no she aint".

Paul: "Amy don't prettycize"!!!
by P-Meizer March 27, 2010
The power of one's odor, like odor authority.
Tom is using his odority to his advantage by demanding a large sum of money from Brian with his armpits open. Like a brrr stick-up ha ha ha stick-up.
by P-Meizer March 21, 2010
The act of taking the best opportune moment of getting at women in a DROP TOP CONVERTIBLE, or slang term DROP.
I was having a hard time with the ladies in my busted ride, so i rented a drop top and took another chance. I called it (DROPPORTUNITY)
by P-Meizer October 03, 2009
Exploring the clitoris, like taking a tour of a girls pussy
clitourism is a rule by every guy if they dont want to get a disease b4 they smash
by P-Meizer January 02, 2010
Like Hotel Rwananda but a motel
While in Africa i went to Motel Rawanda
by P-Meizer December 26, 2009

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