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Initials for the number 1 party school and best damn univeristy in the world West Viriginia University WVU!
WVU students burnt 10 sofas on Friday night after their football victory over Virginia Tech!
by Cdub April 15, 2005
Initials of the only academically notable university within the state of West Virginia. Known for everything form having awesome wilderness related activites to excessive partying to a very independent art community, West Virginia University remains the choice for many a student.

You will also never hear any mention of Marshall University at WVU. Most people forget it exsists. However should you venture southerly for 3 hours (to Marshall), WVU is all you will hear people talk about.
John will be going to WVU to study Foreign Languages.

---Exception (ONLY heard in Huntington, WV)
WVU is fir pussies and queers.
Marshall could beat WVU any day!
by Kyle Vass August 15, 2005
The best damn higher institution in the U.S. This school parties harder than any other school ANYWHERE and despite the redneck label it receives it is still renowned nationwide for its ability to let its students get trashed day in and out and its fine ass sorority girls.
Dude I visited WVU for a weekend and got so shitty. I'm so disappointed in my school. I'm transferring immediately.
by WVU Mountaineer January 31, 2011
Located in Morgantown WV. The fastest growing city in the us.
No longer the #1 party school and is now ranked as #10.

Home of the prt that breaks down atleast 0nce a day.
Home of the Moutaineers and the Moutaineer for 2009-2010 is a women.

Has the best marching band " the pride of WV".
The college is always out of room for students.
A very pretty campus.
Country Roads and the Morgantown song is played every football game.
by yodagreenman2009 May 11, 2009
A football school training the new generation of bimbos and neanderthals. If you plan on waking up from an extended hangover wondering "Where the heck did my youth go?!", then you have found your place.
Man, are you drunk!
DUH,I go to WVU!
Whoopdiddlydumbshits, I go there too!! How about a cheap beer on me?
by ritaskeeter07 January 09, 2011
a mispelling of wuv which is a derivitive of love; to show a friendly gesture
I wvu all!
by Korper February 06, 2003
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