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Man this turned out to be chicken soup for the d2 gamers soul! I apologize for my rambling; I had much to say.

Diablo II is an RPG that is set in medieval times -think Robin Hood- but with spells, demons and such. This game has a good feeling, especially when you start on single player. You get the storyline, appreciate what everything looks like and you don't worry about strategies; you just have fun playing the game. It has good replay value, because of the different classes and especially because of the extensive inventory database and new maps each time you restart a saved game.
It is a good concept, and few appreciate it and realize what it is.
Now, for my two cents about online play, and those who are about to take that plunge. I hope it isn't too late.
Now, first of all I would like to call out those who are bashing people for liking this game, or any video games. It's a hobby, just like anything else. If playing video games is a waste of time, then so are sports, watching TV and buying earrings/makeup/excess footwear/etc. So please respect other degenerates for their choices.
Now, moving on. I recommend not starting online play until after beating the game once in single player. To be quite honest, when I started playing this game, my grades in school were very good. Diablo also got me interested in mythology and I started playing it because of its theme. Then I started playing online and my grades didnt drop, but I was getting overly frustrated when someone pked, stole from or annoyed me. My advice to anyone who gets angry when something happens to them in this game is to STOP PLAYING for two days, and do something productive/fun. People who "don't have lives" do not exist. Everybody has a life, they just put it off sometimes for reasons that they have a right to keep to themselves. Here's what I did: I beat the game in Hell, made a good build (that I looked up and tweaked a little) and started a low level dueler lld. Level 30. I made other characters, but didnt follow any specific strategy because see... I use diablo 2 as my DOWN TIME.
Now, for those who are quitting... more power to you. I'm quitting in a couple days, taking a screenshot of my account... just so I can say "nah it wasn't a waste of time, it was fun". If I ever get a deadly urge, like its an addiction, then I'll switch to nezmod a fun looking mod that i'll play around with for awhile.
That's my advice to anyone who wants to play this game without letting it hurt your life. If you don't lead an exciting life, well hey... at least you don't play with fire or do stupid stunts that can get your face blown off.
Just for the record--- my friend Frank played diablo; he was fast paced, made an 81 necromancer, an 86 hammer paladin and a 90 elemental druid. He quit shortly after. He's a jock who practices capoeira and gets laid twice a week. J/K but he does live life. So I'm not just preaching, anyone can do it. Video games are for down time and there should be breaks between periods when playing. I learned this the hard way by losing sleep for one night, and not getting any more for the rest of the week because I had to travel. I was like "Oh yeah, real life, I remember now!" :P but seriously, calling gamers nerds is both innacurate and unnecessarily mean.
By the way this is my first time writing a definition, hiya! I'm new to this site. I was looking up concepts and learning lots of stuff... bah who cares!
gee this turned out to be pretty irrelevant but I hope it's helpful.
You give me a thumb down, I give you a finger up.
Summary of the warnings herein:

Diablo II Offline gameplay:
*Medium paced play, enjoyable soundtrack, nice graphics, discovering new items and secrets for yourself*

Diablo II Online Gameplay:
*Insults, addiction, people calling you noob, people calling you nerd when you beat them, hacking, scamming, duping(copying an item), rushing, strategies, friend list, chat, rebuilding characters, leveling up just to be more powerful*
by Orcryst January 10, 2007
A word meaning irrelevant or out of nowhere.

Individuals often use this word to mask nonsensical "humor".

Random is not the same as "unexpected"
Random humor is only random because it is in a context, thus making it stand out.
by Orcryst October 05, 2007
A very successful game mod for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Many new items, monsters, areas and skills have been added. Some places look different. You can now get to level 750 and a lot faster too, without using any editors. Nothing from the original game has been removed. You can find a detailed list for nezmod at battleforums under the Third Party Mod section. It cannot connect to battlenet, but it has many other gateway servers anyway, and they're all legit. D2Maniacs is one of them, you can find out where to get a gateway editor.
It works for 1.10, but you can easily download those files and convert it back to 1.10 by moving the 1.11 files to any backup folder.
I downloaded NezMod yesterday and have 3 characters.

NezMod should have more people in its servers.
by Orcryst March 23, 2007

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