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A very successful game mod for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Many new items, monsters, areas and skills have been added. Some places look different. You can now get to level 750 and a lot faster too, without using any editors. Nothing from the original game has been removed. You can find a detailed list for nezmod at battleforums under the Third Party Mod section. It cannot connect to battlenet, but it has many other gateway servers anyway, and they're all legit. D2Maniacs is one of them, you can find out where to get a gateway editor.
It works for 1.10, but you can easily download those files and convert it back to 1.10 by moving the 1.11 files to any backup folder.
I downloaded NezMod yesterday and have 3 characters.

NezMod should have more people in its servers.
by Orcryst March 23, 2007
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