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a person who engages in sexual acts for money; a prostitute
Anni: "Pro-pro. Twelve o'clock."
Aman: "How can you tell?"
Anni: "She once approached me."
by Kevin_K October 16, 2006
1. a professional prostitute
Omg..she is like..such a pro pro.
by propronumbah1 April 12, 2011
(Professional Procrastinator) One that has the ability to form their greatest works at the last second.
Kale: Is Jon ever going to start that work? Its due on Friday!
Hans: He will, He's just a Pro-Pro.
by Baker KC February 13, 2011
A way of calling someone a prostitute or a whore very useful also known to as a slut
that girl is such a pro pro she will fuck anyone
by smillyfries June 12, 2007
Derived from the term "propylene". No one really knows what propylene really is, but everyone assumes that it is a hair product, such as grease. However, upon googling the term "propylene", it is said to be a dangerous chemical, but this is irrelevant to the subject in question. Pro-pro is a shortened version of this word, simply meaning hair grease or gel. Pro-pro is also the act of styling or washing hair in any manner. Pro-pro is synonymous to hair.
"Gurl, why you puttin' so much pro-pro on yo' head? Didn't you just get yo hurr did?"
by Ookamibito February 16, 2008
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