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7 definitions by Onthefence

Any person who criticizes porn scenes and makes claims that they would have been able to do better.
I was having tea the other night with Chester while we were watching the flick My Mom blows like the wind. When the mother started blowing the daughter's boyfriend, Chester said "that dude is a bitch, he can't even get a hardon". He is such an armchair pornstar.
by Onthefence November 16, 2008
10 5
The study of the art of increasing the effect of orgasmic enjoyment and or delay.
After a year of studying and practicing cuminology, I was able to bang my girlfriend for 6 straight hours without busting a nut.
by Onthefence November 16, 2008
5 1
The absurd emails one receives every few minutes regarding penis enlargement products, which is nearly impossible to filter and block.
Your newborn baby pictures didn't show up in my inbox, because it is filled with nothing but dickspam right now.
by Onthefence November 16, 2008
4 0
Verb. Employing extreme effort to keep a fart from being released in inopportune situations such as first dates.
My date with that hottie I went on the other night was awful. I was fartplugging for 30 minutes when I was driving her home. When she finally got out of the car, my ass exploded.
by Onthefence November 16, 2008
1 0
Things, places and events reserved only for the ballers of the world.
You going to the Obama after party on Inauguration Day? It's gonna be ballericious.
by Onthefence November 16, 2008
1 1
A financial status of an individual who is borderline broke. Taken from the phrase "up shits creek"
Hey Serge, you want to head out to the casino and roll some dice tonight? I wish I could, but I'm creeking like a mothafucka! Maybe on payday though.
by Onthefence November 16, 2008
1 4
Figurative drink millions of people are sipping on right now.
I was going to vote for McCain, but someone slipped me some Obamanaid and I'm joining his bandwagon.
by Onthefence August 28, 2008
24 84