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Good lube to use.
Damn that baby oil is awsome.
by Omyn October 09, 2003
Racist word used to describe the act of being of japanese decent.
Look at that kid japin around with that plastic sword.
by Omyn October 02, 2003
a button used to turn on a computer
quit shutting down my computer or ill press that power button into your forehead you loser.
by Omyn October 02, 2003
Best counter-strike player ever
Wow, Omyn owns me
by Omyn September 11, 2003
Low life bullies who steal money from 12 yr old file sharers
RIAA, scum, lowlife, low-class citizen
by Omyn September 09, 2003
The best counter-strike player in the history of counter-strike
BreakfastNinja kicked my ass
by Omyn September 11, 2003
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