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a Jordanian militant who is behind Car and Truck Sucidie Bombings And killings of innocent people he is said to be a rival member to osama Bin Laden. he posts Videos and shows poor people Getting Beheaded for Dumb Reasons all because us Troops Won't Leave Iraq it's messed up i tell You. he's escaped Twice From us Troops he's the most wanted Jordanian militant in iraq and there is a $250,000 Reward for him alive or Dead or Captured.
jack says to himself at home Abu Musab al-Zarqwai you Can Run But you Can't Hide because Eventully Time is Running out for you Bitch.
by OmG-YoU-KilleD-KennY May 23, 2005
A truck that Helps Tows Broken down cars and other Vehilces From Accidents on the road.
Jack Calls a tow truck cause his car is broken.
by OmG-YoU-KilleD-KennY May 28, 2005
A Truck that helps people with there Cars to be towed away if it breaks down or if you are in a major car Accident you would call a tow truck to have it Removed.
Billy Called The Tow Truck Company cause his car was smashed and broken down.
by OmG-YoU-KilleD-KennY May 26, 2005
A us Senator From south Dakota he has helped many people out with health Care and Stuff. he servered four terms and became part of the Democratic leadership in 2001. Tom is truly A great senator.
John and Sara are going to See Tom Tomorrow.
by OmG-YoU-KilleD-KennY May 28, 2005

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