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An unfortunate mishap, something that gets you down or just takes the piss.
Not to be used too often or by too many people. But should be used all the same.
'I just smashed my headlight swinging that pole around'

'Ah, thats a kick in the tits'
by OlieOlieOlie June 16, 2008
a way of rating girls,
1. Dont even think about it (way too hot)
2. Fillet
3. Rude
4. Dad (as in 'the daddy')
5. Dont even see her (normal women)
6. Oh well, shes fucked
7. Gert (mostly for fat birds but can be used otherwise)
8. Spandoo (?)
9. May as well kill myself
Seb Scale example
Brad: 'what do you think of Barry's new misses?'
Derrick: 'Man, she was Rude!'
Brad: 'nah more of a Dad i'd say'
Jacobs: 'to be honest i didn't really see her'
Brad: 'shut up Jacobs'
by OlieOlieOlie January 25, 2008
A really ugly girl, like pig shit ugly
'Mate, that blind date was a fucking spandoo!'
by OlieOlieOlie June 12, 2008
A girl even hotter than 'don't even think about it'
If a girl is Expl'izit she is the kind of girl you realise your jaw is still hanging open 5 minutes after seeing her.
She is so dad she sends shivers down your spine until your practically shaking.
To be as hot as this a girl must be immune to gawping lads and crude, stammered attempts at chat up lines.

see Seb Scale
'Fuck me mate that girl is Expl'izit!'
'never mind she left five minutes ago'
by OlieOlieOlie June 17, 2008

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