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14 definitions by Ogaiy

to go brown in the sun (at least that was always what I innocently thought it meant)
Oh look I have a tan
by ogaiy June 08, 2003
617 302
to be found out
hello hello you my friend have been rumbled
by ogaiy June 07, 2003
86 32
A type of sweet sold as far as I know just in England...they are alright - quite similar to fruit pastilles
I just ate a jelly tot
by ogaiy June 07, 2003
47 8
an interesting twist on the word ok, used by all classes alike to portray an affirmation of something an alternative party has portrayed in their speech
thats ogaiy
or alternatively ogaiy ogaiy ogaiy oi oi oi
by Ogaiy June 06, 2003
3 1
A term used by a certain Dr Prideaux, word doesnt exist. But has evolved over the centuries to mean anything so use it in any sentance. Anagrams of logemic include logmice and limecog
God that is one hell of a logemic bedspread youve got there partner
by Ogaiy June 14, 2003
1 1
A name for a new zealandish teacher who teaches maths, regularly changes her hair always has grey roots and buys magenta clothes from m and s
Draw this maths Griph clawwwsss okie?
by Ogaiy June 14, 2003
2 3
Someone with an annoying voice saying Tony
"Oi Towny"
by Ogaiy June 06, 2003
5 6