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In serious trouble. Typically Australian version of "up the creek without a paddle."
When I reached for my credit card and found it was gone, I understood I was up shit's creek in a barbed-wire canoe.
by octopod August 25, 2004
A mess, a fiasco. British.
The European Union has made a dog's dinner of its economic policy.
by octopod June 17, 2004
Mythical poster on Usenet sites, who promoted Turkish nationalist causes and denounced Armenians, Romanians and what not. Probably a robotic program, but a legend in his own mind.
The Romanians were bred as slaves to serve the Ottoman Empire.
---Serdar Agric
by octopod February 18, 2004
The greatest artist of the twentieth century. Comix, wisdom, and more.
R. Crumb's Mr. Natural is a brilliantly conceived character.
by octopod November 10, 2003
Don't bother me with your petty bullshit. I don't give a wrinkled rat's ass. Politer version is call someone who cares.
I think I might get fired tomorrow.
Here's a quarter. Go call someone who gives a shit.
by octopod November 22, 2003
Bisexual, swings both ways.
Friday I saw him in a gay bar; Saturday he was with a woman. AC-DC, I guess.
by octopod November 09, 2003
Anything that's fun or dangerous, from the lawyer warnings on TV commercials. See professional driver on closed course.
Look, he's skateboarding on top of a 767!

Don't try this at home.
by octopod July 11, 2004
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