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Englishman that complains a lot; or, an Englishman. Whinge means to whine or to complain, a pommy or pommie is an Englishman, and bastard is just for emphasis.
Why do you Australians always talk about "whinging pommy bastards?"
by octopod November 05, 2006
Money that is only money because some government says that it is.
There's no gold or silver backing greenbacks.
by octopod January 16, 2004
Any doctor at a walk-in clinic.
I thought I had the clap, so I went to see the Doc in the box. He gave me a shot.
by octopod December 07, 2003
"I don't have a dog in that fight," means "I don't have a stake in the outcome." Not quite so strong as call somebody who gives a shit.

This expression is neo-Texan.
Russians are fighting Chechens. We Uruguayans don't have a dog in that fight.
by octopod October 26, 2007
Jes' folks; the 36 saints who uphold the world; ordinary people. See the song by the Rolling Stones. Origin in the New Testament.
Say a prayer for the hard-working people. Say a prayer for the salt of the earth.
by octopod November 30, 2003
To hold up or rob.
In New Orleans, every week someone tries to knock over a Popeye's Chicken store.
by octopod June 21, 2004
Cuckold, literally one who has "horns," the Latin symbol of cuckoldry. From the Italian.
Cornuto, get your stinkin' Fiat out of the intersection.
by octopod December 26, 2003
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