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205 definitions by Octopod

The principal caught us smoking, but he might not have suspended us. Then I told him to suck my wang . . .
by octopod May 26, 2006
67 45
The "Mound of Venus" or vulva.
I don't wanna go to Mars, just to the Mons Veneris.
by octopod January 16, 2004
32 12
Jes' folks; the 36 saints who uphold the world; ordinary people. See the song by the Rolling Stones. Origin in the New Testament.
Say a prayer for the hard-working people. Say a prayer for the salt of the earth.
by octopod November 30, 2003
50 30
Fake or watered down, e.g. decaffeinated coffee, diet coke. From the commercial "Is it real or is it Memorex!"
Gimee a cuppa java! Real or Memorex?
by octopod November 09, 2003
32 13
Female offspring of a white and a black. Fem. of mulatto
The late Sen. Strom Thurmond's daughter (by the family maid) is a mulatress.
by octopod July 05, 2004
28 10
Unreasonably or unexpectedly inexpensive.
I was at the swap meet and I bought this dog with a bobbly head for my dashboard for a song.
by octopod March 04, 2004
23 5
A very funny movie about pointy-headed aliens, based on a skit from the old Saturday Night Live. See Remulac; mass quantities.
Not only did you fail to appear at the appointed time, you interefered with all of the events which were to come.
-- Coneheads
by Octopod November 06, 2003
30 12