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Someone who lies about who they really are. Pretending to be a cute blonde curly haired constuction worker on the internet when he's really a fat unemployed slob. Likes to creep on older women and call them "Mom".
"Hey look everybody, it's MidnightRocker, the biggest internet catfish there ever was!"
by OGTroll May 24, 2013
The "Original Gangster Troll" Trolling at it's finest. A troll that knows what he's doing. The troll that doesn't care to provide the truth needed to pull off a successful troll.
"OH GOD, why does the OGTroll always know what to say to piss me off?"
by OGTroll June 06, 2013
Another Brother also known as The Better Brother. The intelliegent good looking brother. The brother that likes to throw a few back and have a few laughs.
"Hey look everybody its AnotherBrother. The better brother!"
by OGTroll June 06, 2013
An older man around ages 75-90 who pursues online relationships with younger women, generally prefers the ages 18-29. He'll rub his wrinkled old cock on skype and ask if they would like to lick his "Country Gold".
"Cmere Sarah and get you some "CountryGold" from Grandpa Gale."
by OGTroll June 06, 2013
An elderly man who tries to screw young women 29 and younger. Usally having to settle for porn to jack off to because no woman will ever really want him. He broadcast on vaughnlive and will mod anyone just to get them to stay for his show.
"Gale Cartwright? Didn't he die? Oh well."
by OGTroll June 09, 2013
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