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A guy that's a little bitch that cries about everything, or never wants to leave his house. Also used to describe a coward.
Awwww, did I hurt your feelings pussy face?

Quit being such a pussy face and let's go get some fucking beers.

That dude is never going to bang that chick cuz he's such a fucking pussy face.
#pussy face #pussy #face #bitch #coward
by heephopanonymous October 02, 2008
A gay porn star famous for his fisting videos.
Rigo in Confessions Of A Dangerous Ass.
by Anonymous March 13, 2003
a term used to derive someone who is a complete wimp. also it can be used as a term to derive someone who has not see the borat.
joe says "hey dan its cool being out late"
dan says "na i dont like it"
joe says " you're a pussyface man"

joe says "hey frank have you seen borat"
frank says "no"
joe says "your a pusssyface then"
#pussy #borat #bristol #wimp #scared #cat
by just another drummer ok November 16, 2007
The name given to a person whose face is covered in vaginal wetness after performing oral sex upon a woman.
The girl was going to give her boyfriend a kiss after he went down on her until she noticed that his face was all wet, and smelled like her vagina so she said, "Ewwwww, you have pussy face!"
#oral sex #cunnilingus #going down #sex #eating
by ChattyRosie January 30, 2011
A patchy, uneven and at all otherwise shitty looking beard
"Hey look at that pussyface over there. I'm gonna buy him a razor."
#beards #five o'clock shadow #facial hair #scruff #vagina face
by Alex the not so great September 18, 2008
A strange creature found specifically amongst the indigenous population of Barbados. The Pussyface is considered to be somewhat of a lone wolf in the animal kingdom, but can be known to travel in small packs.

Despite desperate attempts, the Pussyface has trouble finding a suitable mate during the winter months and must resort to self inflicted pleasure.
Friend A: "Hey man, can you go to the bar and order us another round of beers?"

Friend B: "Awww man, I don't know..can you come with me?"

Friend A: "Stop being such a fucking Pussyface and order it yourself"
#pussy face #pussy-ole #pussy #cunt face #cunt
by 1066Bandits March 20, 2011
that's means someone unhappy and sad,which look like a pussy
"what's up dude,you look like a Pussyface?"

"my father have died yesterday"
#sadness #unhappy #pussy #face #foul
by May 20, 2009
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