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Someone who is impotent, and is unable to attain and maintain an erection.
My penis doesn't work anymore, it just sits there like a lazy, limp slug. I'm a complete schlumberdoodle.
by NonSequitur January 26, 2009
A very silly person who is guilty of multiple acts of stupidity.
Did you see Jim fall down the stairs? What a schumlarken!
by NonSequitur January 26, 2009
A pair of large, bouncy, sumptuous breasts.
Holy shit! Look at that glorious pair of joong joongs!
by NonSequitur January 26, 2009
when you put your balls on a girls anus and she farts so they wobble.
she really knows how to give a good eggboiler!
by nonsequitur June 17, 2012
A part of the human anatomy that is consistently sweaty.
John: Man, my jerrit is sweaty today.
Jim: Your what is sweaty?
John: My jerrit. It's totally sweaty.
by NonSequitur August 27, 2009
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