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A poor misspelling of "psyched".

Created by a nation of slack-ass, unintelligent teenagers.
He easily psyched out his opponent.

She was psyched that she could spell properly.
by Noah Webster January 23, 2005
Feces, especially feces associated with an extremely foul odor. (Also spelled "dukee" in classical literature.)
Sweetheart, do you have a clothespin? I'd really like to kiss you but your breath smells like dukey.
by Noah Webster February 16, 2005
When you just want to slap a girls ass because it appears so perfect.
That girl has a spanky ass.
by Noah Webster January 27, 2005
1. One who misleads another by trickery or fraud, especially in sport or card play.

2. Kirkland House of Harvard University.
Kurt, you are a cheaterhouse.
by Noah Webster April 15, 2004
1) A extremely masculine, bitchy lesbian woman.

2) a mannish lesbian usually identified by an overwhelming ammount of facial hair and usually sporting a mullet

3) A really masculine lesbian
I thought that dude was hot, tillm I found out it was a sharpi

Her mom is a sharpi
by Noah Webster December 19, 2004
One who sold a WXR for no good reason, except the fact that he is a huge pussy.
What? Your going to sell your car, you are a huge gapping Berglando!
by Noah Webster January 27, 2005
1. A women of extreme hotness characterized by ass, tits, and a face that are nothing shy of exceptional.
2. A term used clandestinely to describe a female that is spanky
Did you see that bitch, she was barky as hell.
by Noah Webster January 27, 2005

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