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an expression for those who are entirely too lazy to say "what's up","how's it going","what's going on",
"how are things", and/or any other informal expression of greeting
Wudda jack?
-not much, just chillaxin
by noah December 05, 2004
A general expression of dismay, usually said by Canadians.

Similar to oy.
oyf, my roommate is a baptist.
by Noah July 02, 2004
The model showing a way a program is sent across a LAN or any type of network
Data Link
Phsycial=Binary Number
by Noah September 26, 2003
arrives from bothered, then took a bizar leep and became simply bofd. Which now means to ignore someone or not care for their opinion or for the consequences of your actions
1, pull out in front of someone and they beep, you say "bofd"
2, "we're going out"
"i don't want to"
by noah April 05, 2005
when a guy gets some
guy: man, I tapped that ass last nite!
by Noah November 26, 2003
From Kevin Smith Movies; used by teh character "Jay" It has no real meaning but is just something you can say sort of like "all right!" or "yeah!"
Lets trash this place and tehn go smoke a bowl.

by noah May 25, 2003
A public e-mail sent out to the entire company detailing in explicit fashion an embarassing or lack of skill that is directed at one specific individual. Also can involve the lack of attention to detail, such as the taking the last Diet Coke from the fridge and not replacing the cold one with warm ones from the cabinet.
Dave received a shamer today for not not refilling the ice trays.
by Noah June 15, 2006

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