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The act of smearing poo on someone to give them sideburns. Usually done in their sleep. Much like a "Dirty sanchez" or "Hitler".
Chris got a fonzie last night, and it smeared all over his pillow.
by Noah April 07, 2004
of cours
dar of course it's right
by noah October 23, 2003
The government.
The machine has made many unfair laws.
by Noah June 29, 2003
Something you pooed on, or the act of pooing.
"Dude! Trevor took a fat johnny english on your mom!"
by Noah April 07, 2004
When you get a stiffy before a girl even touches you.
When Joanna walked by Mark, he immediatly turned into the Sears Tower.
by Noah November 25, 2004
a figure or toy named bopo
I have a bopo in my room
by noah October 23, 2003
someone who is good and basketball and can majorly ball peeps up unlike malcolm
noah is a balla and he played malcolm in 1 on 1 and wooped his ass
by noah January 06, 2005

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