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a greeting. what's up?
"Hey G Money, whatchu werain'?"
by Noah December 24, 2003
a hard spank, or intimate grab.
Patrick's bankey made my butt red.
by Noah November 24, 2004
The verb form of the noun "incision".
Used in anatomical dissections to denote a cut down the center of the sternum.
You will incise (slash) the tweein!
by Noah November 09, 2004
German term of disgust; used in lieu of more profane English words.
Can also be shortened to slang term "fiefen".
What the fiefen's going on in here!?!
by Noah November 08, 2004
a battlefield clan that owns or will own WS, XOXO, and other 1337 clans. Originated in spring 2004.
The Super Attack Mode Clan totally owned Cangame today.
by Noah November 12, 2004
A common condition where someone makes repeated grammatical errors, often followed by hysterical laughing and joking. The only cure for brain-weasels is to suffocate them by smothering the victim with a pillow.
Crap, you're infested with the BRAIN-WEASELS! Quick, smother him/her with a pillow.

*followed by a small footchase and a pillow smothering*
by Noah February 01, 2005
A person of supremem power and wealth
That person is very lyte to own a slave like noah.
by Noah September 25, 2003

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