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Celestia is a girl who feels like she's not enough for anyone, but is truly an amazing and beautiful girl on the inside and out. Celestia's are amazing, loyal, and true friends who have a wonderful sense of humor and is good at making friends once she gets to know them. She's an all around type of girl, accepting, loving, passionate and has strange creativity. She can have a wild side, but makes good grades and can be shy at times. She's trustworthy, and will not break a promise.

She loves animals and is more than willing to make people happy, all the time. Generally she's an amazing person, on the inside and out.
I can trust Celestia with my secrets.
by Yellowfish1999 September 30, 2011
Noun: An absolutely fucking sweet kick-ass space simulator that not only contains the solar system, but comes with some extrasolar planets and the ability to create your own stars, solar systems, nebulae, galaxies, and practically any other space object you can think of.
Ideal for world-builders, astronomy enthusiasts and utter nerds.
What's more, it's freeware. Get it from www.shatters.net/celestia.
The latest version is hard to find but worth downloading, as it accurately represents binary stars.
I used Celestia to create my own fictional universe.
by NoXion March 26, 2005
The slut of Gametalk. She desperately tries to get attention by wearing disgusting clothes that reveal her fat ass and sagging boobs. In short, she needs to die and get stepped on. Nobody likes Ce'lestia and everyone wants to shoot her.
Ce'lestia: omg look I'm wearing a bikini top!

Everyone on MSN: Omfg, someone tell Ce'lestia to fucking put some clothes on.

*Everyone leaves the bar*

See Fat slut
by The One January 19, 2005