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125 definitions by Nikki

when playing poker, who ever loses a round has to take off his/her clothes. the person who gets naked first, loses.
Lets play strip poker.
by nikki December 14, 2004
76 46
a kick butt show for 2-5 year old but hey I whach it
lalalal lalal elmo's worl
llalalala elmo's world!
elmo loves his goldfish,
his crayon too,
that's elmo's world!!!!
by nikki September 26, 2004
42 13
verb meaning to confront, to approach (usually)
Mike: All I know is, you a two-faced punk, and yo ass need to be slapped!
John: Yo, why you ain’t just step to me like a man
by Nikki November 04, 2004
53 25
When you wake up in bed with some nasty chick/guy and you make an emergency exit without waking him/her up.
"I woke up in the room with that ugly ass broad and I needed to give her the slip but she was wrapped all around me!"
by Nikki March 09, 2004
53 25
messed up; wack; not right
that shit is cracked
by Nikki September 10, 2003
66 41
its simple, its a night to get it on
I got a room so we can leave and go there if you want... ok!
by Nikki May 03, 2005
52 30
as good as anything will ever be
Bro: i love grandma’s cornbread
Sis: Mmm hmm, don’t get no betta
by Nikki November 04, 2004
101 80