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To Drink Heartily
by Nikki October 06, 2003
A skit from the Chappelle's show that involves a white family with the last name of "Niggar"
He sure has those Niggar lips.(only Chappelle's show watchers understand.
by Nikki January 09, 2005
1. An infant, the result of unprotected sex

2. A term of endearment

3. The other other white meat
1. The baby's crying!

2. Hey baby

3. Baby! It's what's for dinner!
by Nikki May 09, 2005
Arecently patented shot glass with a built in chaser
by Nikki October 06, 2003
absolutely amazing with great personality and humour,
she's fit
by nikki November 26, 2003
some bad azz wet killer tight azz puzzy
damm that girl had some ill nana
by nikki October 23, 2003
the bestestest colouring fantabuals in the world
wow i got my crayola crayons 4 sum munys at woolworths:D yay go me!
by nikki August 10, 2003
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