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50 definitions by Nik

beating your meat
by nik September 23, 2003
passing the time doing nothing much.

Obviously stems from the words "time" and "pass"...effectively meaning passing the time (but in a non-productive way)

Background: Used in India colloquially.
"I was doing timepass while I was waiting for you"
by nik March 15, 2005
A tooth in someone's mouth that is longer then normal and is most likely sticking out at an odd direction. When snagle-tooth is plural it is changed to snagle-tooths. The amount of snagle-tooths is only alowed up to three at a time. The snagle-tooths are never placed by each other.
"Look at that guy's snagle-tooths!"
"The pirate had a snagle-tooth".
"Everyone in his family is a snagle-tooth".
by nik March 23, 2004
the sound that is loosely associated with ejaculation, more often than not prematurely
When Jenny walked by I almost kweeked my pants
by Nik March 26, 2005
the act of taking a dump or crap
"man, i really need to take a shooky"
by nik August 02, 2004
male version of punani
Yo i got major penani the other night at that house party
by NiK February 16, 2005
The smaller of two sails on a boat.
I pulled the jib sail close to the mast as we turned towards the wind
by Nik February 07, 2004