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n. a fucking gay ass south jersey metal band with no singer. haha, rob thinks you guys are faggots. dave knows about 3 chords, jared knows 2 time signatures, and they all fuck eachother at band practice. god they are gay. i would rather listen to a fat black man having an orgasim than listen to them for two seconds.
oh shit, dude, we suck, lets just give up playing instruments and never make fun of fallen rebel for being better than us ever again...thank you, goodnight
by nik October 25, 2004
Word used to express an apology
A Very apologetic expression
Derived from 'maaf' (ma-af) from malay language, combined with 'Super' Uber
Ubermaaf man, I didn't mean it okay?
Ubermaaf man, are you okay?
by Nik October 02, 2004
what you just typed in... it is between Look up and search on this page
I typed my word, defintion, and example in textboxes
by NIK January 19, 2004
Syrian dick suckers attempt to be cool by putting ramps in his basement that are the shittiest things EVER and telling everyone to come ride but nobody wants to because they are 3' tall. YOU ARE A FAT ASS!
Mindset owns your soul
by Nik April 15, 2005
What you typed in the text box after the word Look up, and then clicked search.

Also, what UrbanDictionary.com is letting us do to our world (define your world...)
Define define: Define is defined by the word definition... i.e. to explain something..
by NIK January 19, 2004
in african it means lesbian love, or loving short ppl. van anh is also a type of vieus in africa causing u to shorten n die.
im sorry u got da van anh virus...
omg ur van anh!
when r u gonna tell ur friends ur van anh?
by nik January 16, 2005
adj. Having the properties, relationship with, or characteristics of a pimp.
Yo, Amanda's new Caddy is pimptastic!
by Nik February 01, 2004

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