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The greatest, most talented band, to ever strum a guitar or write a lyric.
All must bow before the might that is Nirvana.
by Ness September 11, 2003
A degrading way of saying "tuned mid-sized Asian Automobiles" or rice burner
Usually driven by Wannabe-Asians and Asians with no roots.
Honda Civic, Hyundai Tiburon, Nissan 350z
True Asians don't drive rice mobiles, we be rollin' on Cadillacs, Lincolns and Impalas.
by Ness April 20, 2006
The place where frauds like Dr. Phil come from.
Is also the place where the worst president ever George W. Bush came from.
I hate Texas because Dr. Phil and Dubya came from there.
by Ness November 05, 2004
Samophlange is a color, like purple, but more like yellow.

So it's like yellurple.
Tim's girlfriend's eye were purple and samophlange.
by Ness March 09, 2005
A racist term to describe a person of Asian origin. Used similarly as Negro to describe a person of African origin. Often used by people who wish to offend Asians but is too afraid to use chink
Plural form is chinamans or chinamen
Wang: I've worked so hard on my C++ algorithms last night, I'm so stressed
Tyrone: Here homie, take some of this, today's 420
(enter racist people)
Racist person 1 (fearless): Fuck off, all chinks and niggers
Racist person 2 (pussy): Yeah, screw the chinamans and negroes.
by Ness April 20, 2006
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