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Car that is fairly sexy, yet is bought by people trying to compensate for something. The V6 is fast yet can't take boost, while the I4 is a dog that can be boosted like a Chinese whore.
Wow, look at that Hyundai Tiburon! It looks like a Korean Ferrari!
by drk May 23, 2004
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This is a car only a loser would drive on acount of its shittyness. The only way to make it keep going its to drive it like an old person.
My names Mike and i love my hyundai tiburon
by Mikkke1234car April 06, 2009
One of the biggest piece of shits out on the market. Attempted to look aerodynamic and sleek, the over abundance of curves make this vehicle look like a train wreck. With it's shitty looks and shitty engine this car is a -99999 on a scale of 1-10.
That guy must have brain damage if he thinks his Tiburon is remotely cool with that weed wacker muffler. What a dipshit.
by Nataservant June 24, 2004

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