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Slang. Supremely awesome. Remarkable; outstanding.
Owwwww whoresome oww.
by ness April 20, 2005
Middle French exulter, from Latin exsultare, literally, to leap up, from ex- + saltare to leap

1: to be extremely joyful
obsolete: to leap for joy
2: root word used by the company www.exult.tk
I will exult my victory at sundown.
by Ness June 15, 2004
A community in which a particular group of people participate in bringing Nintendo systems online.
Oh My God, I just played my Nintendo DS Online!
by Ness December 30, 2004
Saying that you dissed some one.
Yo ma nigga was spittin triphlons at u.
by NesS June 07, 2004
1. A heavily intoxicated person's mistaking male genetalia for female genetalia.
2. Moneymaking apparatus of a male prostitute.
(Term was used in "Texas Jailcell" by Jon Wayne.)
"Damn Injun won't keep his hands off my vajosha."
by Ness November 06, 2004
Some guy that owned BK-T.net and rules #banjo-kazooie on IRC
<Yumblie> ...
<Canjo> ...
<Ness> ...
<bhlaab> ...
by Ness July 26, 2003
KULT's ÜberLeet Terrorists. Also "The Kult"
I'm in KULT fucker!
by ness March 26, 2003

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