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Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-American, please.
Also, Dude, china man is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-American, please.
by Bill Dings November 13, 2010
118 61
A racist term to describe a person of Asian origin. Used similarly as Negro to describe a person of African origin. Often used by people who wish to offend Asians but is too afraid to use chink
Plural form is chinamans or chinamen
Wang: I've worked so hard on my C++ algorithms last night, I'm so stressed
Tyrone: Here homie, take some of this, today's 420
(enter racist people)
Racist person 1 (fearless): Fuck off, all chinks and niggers
Racist person 2 (pussy): Yeah, screw the chinamans and negroes.
by Ness April 20, 2006
239 512
A term used to define a person of chinese descent. Depending on the situation of where the word is used, it can be offensive to a man of Chinese Origin espeacially if hes not Chinese but of Asian descent.

Doesnt seem racist but it is

The term China Man was coined by the racist ignorant white man.
Hes a China Man!
HEy China Man pick that up for me!
Hey CHina Man go back to China!
Hey China Man I didnt know you grew up in the U.S.
by Freeman Chan March 29, 2005
171 674
asian people or chinese people. Redneck ass word.
Hey Earl, them chinamen are lookin our way.
by ME nigga May 16, 2004
120 648
St. Louis slang for Chinese food, sometimes used by people of african-american descent.
"Mm hmm. Let's go get us some chinaman! I'se hongry as a mah fuckah!"
by Lemuel Gulliver July 22, 2008
168 721